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Handmade Soaps... Naturally! Jackie and Adam welcome you to the 1000 Islands Soap Company. Enjoy the intoxicating aromas and elegant atmosphere of their retail outlet, while browsing and sampling the wide selection of soaps, lotions, bath salts, oils and so much more. Nestled on the world-renowned scenic waterfront of Kingston Ontario, in the the 1000 Islands, the breathtaking view only adds to the serenity and tranquility of the little shop. All natural ingredients are used to create the soap bars which are hand-made right on the premises. Whether your interest is natural soaps, fragrant oils and lotions, massage oils, body butters or soothing bath salts, there’s something here for you. Specialty items such as eczema safe products, baby products, scrubs and accessories can be found in abundance as well. Even lotions and soaps for the kitchen can be found here! Once you’ve discovered the rich, soothing pleasures of using 1000 Island Soap Company’s exceptional products, you’ll never want to “be without” again, so we’ve created an online- store to make sure you don’t have to! Regardless of where you are, be it a resident of Kingston, or the other side of the world, these products are as close as your computer. Whether online or in person, we sincerely hope your visit to the 1000 Islands Soap Company is both pleasant, and unforgettable.. Thanks for coming in!
“Every soap we carry is either hand made, or hand picked then tested ourselves, to meet the highest standards of quality” 
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